Resurgam - Beer for the Hospitality Sector

With the announcement for the PM, for the first time in a while, hospitality businesses including ourselves can start to look towards the future with a little confidence. With that in mind, we wanted your help on something we've been working hard on behind the scenes. 

Our idea is to create a beer for the Plymouth area hospitality sector called Resurgam. This is because it is latin for 'I shall rise again' based on the story of St Andrew's Church and it's the name of the City Council's economic recovery plan. We will then sell it at a highly reduced rate (covering costs) or donate it to hospitality business to then sell on for bumper profits helping them to get started again. 

This is just at our idea stage and we now need your help in identifying hospitality businesses like pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, B&Bs, hair salons, etc. So please tag your favourite business below so we can discuss the idea with them further and see if this is something that would interest them, or if you're a hospitality business please email us at


St Andrew's Church Resurgam

In the Plymouth Blitz of 1941, St Andrew's Church was badly destroyed leaving a charred shell and a few pillars. Before the dust settled and ash cooled, a wooden sign was hung by a teacher called Margaret E Smith, above the doors with the word 'Resurgam' written on in black paint. Resurgam means I shall rise again, becoming a word which became synonymous with Plymouth, one of, if not, the most heavily bombed city in the war.