Inside Table Reservations

Inside Table Reservations

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Please read the following text carefully before booking.

This is a non-refundable deposit. It will be taken off your table's final bill total. 

If you are unwell, please do not attend your booking. We will happily refund this if you contact at least 2 hours in advance of your booking by email to

Each sitting lasts for 2 hours. We will then clean down the tables and chairs. We ask you to arrive on time and wait to be seated in a socially distanced manner, please be aware of others around you. 

Service will be at the tables only or for takeaway at the bar. A menu will be on your table and we will be serving drinks including our beer (obviously), wine, prosecco, gin&tonics, rum, soft drinks and also bar snacks and delicious tapas. You can also bring food with you.

Please follow staff guidance at all times. It's there to keep you safe and us safe. If someone is behaving inappropriately or not following the social distancing guidelines we reserve the right to refuse entry/service to the entire party. We have taken considerable measures to ensure safety however you use the taproom at your own risk. 

Children are allowed during day reservations until 7:45pm, however count as one of your party's total number (this is due to government restrictions not ours!). Children will need to be seated unless going to the toilet accompanied by an adult. We can not accept pushchairs at the moment under any circumstances. Please note it is a Grade 1 listed building, there is an uneven floor which we can't do more to, please assist children walking through so they do not trip.

Please note that when we designed our space we designed big open plan tables for groups to mingle and chat. That however is not possible under government restrictions. Some of our tables may be too large for your group so we may ask you to move to a smaller table if another group comes in. Your group must not combine with other groups without informing Steel Brew Crew, this is so we can ensure that everyone is social distancing. 

Please arrive within 30 minutes of your booking time starting. If you fail to do without informing us, we reserve the right to reassign the table away.

By booking a table you confirm you are following the governments advise on gatherings of households. You are also agreeing that we will keep your data for 21 days to assist with Track and Trace, after which it will be destroyed. Your data will only be shared with Public Health England and the NHS if requested for the purposes of track and trace. We will follow all GDPR guidelines and you can request for the data to be deleted at any time. 

We know there's a lot there but we've had great feedback on our steps taken and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible. This isn't the grand opening we wanted and will be different to how we ever imagined it but it will still be the same awesome beer made infront of your seats!

Now you're ready let's get to the even more important stuff, beer! See you soon!