Critical Worker Giveaway FAQs

Who can claim a free beer?

To be eligible for our giveaway you must satisfy all of the following conditions:

  1. You must be a resident of the United Kingdom
  2. You must be at least 18 years old from the date of collection of your free beer
  3. You must work in Plymouth or the immediate area
  4. You must be an employee working in the following sectors: NHS (either frontline or office based), emergency service, care worker, supermarket or essential food shop i.e. corner shop, delivery drivers, postal workers, refuse collectors, veterinary staff, or teaching staff.

How do I claim my free beer?

Initially in line with social distancing guidance, we will be contacting workplaces to offer them to staff in a gradual roll out.  We will be giving out around 1200 pints so please bear with us. If you do miss out, don’t worry we will be doing something special for critical workers once our taproom can open.

Can I come by and collect my free beer?

Unfortunately no, we will be contacting workplaces eligible first so please bear with us.

I’m a critical worker, but not been contacted through my workplace?

If we’ve missed you or not got round to you yet please bear with us. If you think your team needs a morale boost, give us an email on and we will try to get back to you.

How do I prove I’m eligible?

We will be contacting workplaces first. If we open it up to more we will provide details of this at a later date.

Can I enjoy my beer onsite?

No, our beer will be given out in line with social distancing guidance. They will be supplied in sealed hoppers. We will not be open so please don’t pass by to collect your free beer.

How many beers can I get?

Just 1 per person! They will usually come in a 2 pint hopper so you can share it.

Can I claim for my colleagues?

We will contact you through workplaces initially, if one member is able to collect for the whole workplace as the live close etc., please let us know.

I’m a key worker but not listed?

Email us at and we will try and get back to you. We will be contacting workplaces first so you may be on our list.